25 January, 2018#


Raúl Cuevas’ creations have been programmed in countries like Argentina, Germany, Mexico, Turkey and the UK and in some of the most important film festivals in Spain, like DOCS Barcelona, Documenta Madrid, Festival de Cine Iberoamericano de Huelva, In-edit, L’Alternativa, Alcances, etc.

And sometimes he has collected awards:

  • Best Spanish Documentary in IN-EDIT International Music Documentary Festival, for A PLACE TO REST YOUR BONES
  • Best Catalan Documentary in Curt.doc, Vidreres International Festival, for WITH SANDRA
  • 2nd prize in CL’HIPS Music video Festival, for EI, QUE SURT EL SOL
  • 2nd prize in Musiclip Festival (catalan music video) for EI, QUE SURT EL SOL
  • Best catalan music video in Festival REC Olot for TEMPS O RELLOTGE
  • Best documentary in the Manresa CINARQ festival, for CINC ESTRELLES

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